The ultimate force committed to revitalizing the Republican Party and securing victory in future elections. Our mission is simple - to boost voter turnout, guarantee fair vote counting, and triumph in the battle for America’s future.


With our cutting-edge early voting and ballot harvesting strategies, Rethink! GOP makes casting ballots easier and more accessible than ever before. Our innovative solutions ensure maximum voter participation, particularly among those who may face challenges in reaching the polls on Election Day.


Moreover, our relentless pursuit of fairness guarantees that every single vote is counted, even in the face of potential problems or delays. To emerge victorious in upcoming elections, it's crucial for Republicans to mobilize their base and safeguard the integrity of the voting process. With Rethink! GOP on your side, rest assured that your vote will be heard!



Led by our esteemed Rethink! State Chairs – a distinguished roster of current and former election officials, candidates, and officeholders – our organization possesses unmatched insight and a wealth of institutional knowledge. United under the Rethink! GOP banner, we marshal our combined resources and expertise to champion the Republican cause and ensure a prosperous future for our great nation.