Ballot Harvesting and Early Voting For Republicans

Ballot harvesting and early voting have become increasingly popular in recent elections, and they have the potential to be game changers for the Republican Party.

Ballot harvesting allows third-party individuals or organizations to collect and deliver voted ballots on behalf of voters. This can increase voter turnout, particularly among groups who may face barriers to voting such as the elderly, disabled, or those without reliable transportation. Republicans can harness this technique by targeting these groups and offering to collect their ballots for them.

Early voting, on the other hand, allows voters to cast their ballots before Election Day, either in person or by mail. This can help reduce the risk of long lines on Election Day and increase voter convenience. Republicans can use early voting to their advantage by encouraging their supporters to vote early and by making it easy for them to do so.

By utilizing these practices, Republicans can close the gap in close races nationwide. By reaching out to targeted groups and making voting more convenient, they can increase voter turnout among their supporters and potentially swing close races in their favor.

However, it's important to note that the use of ballot harvesting and early voting is not without controversy, and it is subject to various regulations and restrictions depending on the state. Additionally, while these practices may provide an advantage in close races, they are unlikely to completely eliminate the gap between the two major parties.