Ballot Harvesting and Early Voting: The Game Changer Republicans Can't Afford to Ignore

Folks, I have to tell you something important. Decades ago, the Democrats mastered ballot harvesting and early voting practices, and now they're reaping the rewards bigly! In fact, where these programs were fully implemented, they saw an average increase of 10% - that's huge! We need to get on board, or we'll be left behind in this modern political landscape. Let me explain why.

In the 2022 election cycle, Democrats spent a whopping $250 million on these programs. The Republicans? They spent nothing. Nada. Zilch. This, my friends, is a big problem. We need to invest in ballot harvesting and early voting to ensure we compete effectively and secure our political future.

You might be asking, "What is ballot harvesting?" It's when volunteers or paid workers collect absentee and mail-in ballots from voters and deliver them to election offices or polling places. In some states, it's perfectly legal, while others have restrictions. Early voting, on the other hand, allows people to cast their ballots before Election Day, either in person or by mail. It's a way to make voting more accessible and convenient for all Americans, especially those who can't make it to the polls on Election Day.

Now, let's look at some case studies to prove my point. In California, a state that has fully embraced ballot harvesting and early voting, the Democrats saw a tremendous increase in voter turnout. Between 2014 and 2018, the turnout in Orange County alone increased by 22%. In the 2018 election, seven Republican-held congressional seats in California flipped to Democrats. The secret to their success? You guessed it - ballot harvesting and early voting.

Another example is North Carolina, where Democrats secured a significant victory in the 2020 election. They increased their vote share by more than 10% through the use of early voting and ballot harvesting strategies. This shows that, when implemented effectively, these practices can yield impressive results.

But it's not just about winning elections, folks. It's about preserving our democracy and making it more accessible to everyone. Early voting, in particular, helps to reduce long lines at the polls, making it easier for people with disabilities, the elderly, and working-class Americans to cast their votes.

If the Republican Party wants to compete in the modern political landscape, we must embrace these practices. It's time to invest in ballot harvesting and early voting to secure our future and ensure that every American can participate in our democracy.

So, my fellow Republicans, let's put America first and embrace ballot harvesting and early voting. Let's make our democracy stronger and give every citizen the chance to have their voice heard. Together, we can make America great again!

Robert Duran IV

National Executive Director, Rethink! GOP