Cam Higby


Cam Higby emerged on the national stage in 2020 as a staunch conservative influencer and champion of American values. Hailing from St. Lawrence County, NY - a tight-knit community of 7,000 - Higby's work has been recognized by top-tier media outlets, including Good Morning America, ABC News, and The New York Times. These national platforms amplified his message to a peak of 1.5 million followers on TikTok, before he was banned for his unwavering dedication to speaking truth to power.

Higby's indefatigable spirit and conviction in the face of adversity have been integral to his journey, asserting him as a leading Gen Z force in the conservative movement. This tenacity is rooted in his deep-seated commitment to defend the foundational values of his country, values which he believes are often overlooked by his generation.

Higby's latest venture as the Gen Z Outreach Director for Rethink! GOP exemplifies his ambitious nature. He's currently assembling what he calls an "Influencer Army," a group of young, passionate conservatives committed to engaging America's youngest voters. These influential individuals, selected for their shared values and striking presence, are being mobilized to inspire their peers to rethink their political standpoints.

In an era dominated by liberal influencers, Higby stands as a beacon for young conservatives, proving that strength, courage, and conviction can triumph in the face of adversity. His work with Rethink! GOP is poised to pave the way for a new generation of voters who are not afraid to embrace the core values that have defined America.