Emerging from America's enduring heartland, Colton Bennett, an Army veteran, esteemed husband, and a proud son of Idaho, embodies the spirit of dedicated service, relentless ambition, and unyielding patriotism.

During his high school years, Bennett distinguished himself on the national stage in Speech and Debate competitions, demonstrating exceptional eloquence and a passion for his beliefs. His political instincts were honed during his tenure as a legislative intern for the influential Utah Eagle Forum, where he gained valuable insight into the policy-making process. The zenith of his early political involvement was his instrumental role in managing the local Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign in 2016.

In a courageous decision to uphold his family's legacy of service, Bennett enlisted in the US Army soon after graduating from high school. His dedication and bravery were recognized when he was awarded the prestigious Humanitarian Service Medal, a testament to his tireless efforts fighting the Covid-19 pandemic as a pivotal member of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Bennett displays his relentless dedication to his community, serving as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician from the young age. His commitment to service remained steadfast upon his return to the United States, exchanging his Army boots for Idaho roots and reuniting with Sydney in Moscow.

Thriving on challenges, Bennett assumed the role of Special Projects Liaison with a Republican Super PAC, Rethink! GOP. This position, assumed after his opponent's ascension to office, represents one of his most formidable challenges yet, but one he is fully prepared to meet head-on. Bennett continues his mission of serving his community and nation, confident and poised to make an impactful difference.