Renee Cruz


Born into the sturdy fabric of American patriotism and having lived a life of service to community and country, Renee Cruz now steps into her latest role as the Southern Executive with the Republican Super PAC, Rethink! GOP. Renee's keen ability to motivate and mobilize resources will be fundamental in providing fundraising leadership for this pivotal region.

The heart and soul of Renee's life is her family. As a mother of five and a grandmother of five, her rich familial experiences have served as a constant wellspring of wisdom, resilience, and perspective, empowering her journey in both the public and private sectors.

From 2021 to 2023, Renee held the esteemed position of Executive Vice Chair for the Maui County GOP. During this tenure, she demonstrated unwavering dedication and strategic finesse, amplifying the voice of the Republican Party within this vibrant Hawaiian community.

Renee's business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have been integral to her successful career in real estate. As a dual licensed Realtor in Arizona and Real Estate Broker with The Agency Maui, she has managed the delicate balance of fostering business growth while protecting and preserving the interests of her clients and communities.

Before her real estate endeavors, Renee served as Vice President of Trinity Mortgage in Tucson, Arizona, where she exhibited remarkable leadership and a profound understanding of the housing market. Her six-year tenure on the Affordable Housing Commission in Marana, AZ, further underscored her commitment to addressing housing inequality and promoting homeownership opportunities for those in need.

PartyRenee's philanthropic endeavors are marked by her role as a Director for the Abbett Family Foundation and her two-term presidency of the Lions Club. She has also led notable fundraising and food drive efforts for the Maui Food Bank and the Marana Food Bank, underlining her relentless pursuit to combat food insecurity.

Her leadership style, which has often been compared to the sophisticated yet determined tone of former President Trump, has inspired her peers and followers alike. Renee Cruz embodies the spirit of true American leadership, one that is built on values, vision, and an undying commitment to the well-being of the people she serves.

As she embarks on her new journey with Rethink! GOP, Renee Cruz stands ready to invoke change, bridge divides, and galvanize support for the Republican party in the southern territory. Her vast experience and dynamic leadership promise a future of continued growth and success.