Tamara McKay


Infused with an unwavering spirit of patriotism and guided by the principles of the Republican Party, Tamara McKay steps into her latest role as the Hawaii State Chairwoman with the Republican Super PAC, Rethink! GOP. As a key player in the early voting and ballot harvesting campaigns, her role extends beyond fundraising leadership to serving as a strategic partner, driving the organization's mission in Hawaii.

Tamara's journey is marked by steadfast leadership and dedicated community service. Serving as the Maui County Republican Chair from 2021 to 2023, she has been a strong pillar of the Republican community. Her decision to run for a State Senate seat in 2022 underlines her dedication to amplifying the voice of the Republican Party at the state level.

Her commitment to her community is exemplified by her service on the State Community Service Committee, where she has contributed to the fundraising and coordination of major events. An adept professional photographer, Tamara is also a small business owner on Maui and a licensed Realtor in Clark County, demonstrating her versatile entrepreneurial acumen.

Tamara's deep-seated patriotism roots from her time as an Army veteran. This sense of service resonates within her family as well, with her son being an Air Force veteran. Married to Barry McKay, a former Maui Police officer whose family has lived on Maui for six generations, Tamara is deeply intertwined with the local community.

As the co-founder of the Aloha Maui Republican Women's Club, she has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate in the Republican Party. As a grassroots coordinator for the Convention of States, she's displayed an unyielding commitment to promoting state's rights and limiting federal overreach. Further amplifying her influence, Tamara recently launched a new video podcast, "Redtime Stories," providing a fresh perspective on current political matters.

Tamara McKay embodies the sophisticated yet determined, inspiring her peers and followers alike. As she embraces her new role with Rethink! GOP, Tamara stands ready to usher in a new era of Republican leadership in Hawaii. With her vast experience and dynamic leadership, she is poised to deliver impactful results for the Republican Party in the Aloha state.