Tyler Smith


Tyler Smith emerged on the political stage three years prior, making his mark as a conservative luminary, unwavering in his defense of fundamental American values. Hailing from the largely progressive state of Rhode Island, he dared to differ, carving a distinct identity for himself amidst the sea of left-leaning viewpoints.

Smith's engaging video content has been widely shared, earning him recognition among notable content creators boasting millions of followers. With a rapidly expanding digital footprint, including over 410,000 followers on TikTok and more than 23,000 on Instagram, Smith effectively connects with a broad base of conservatives.

A stalwart, Smith stands his ground with firm resolve, even in the face of opposition from the uncompromising left. He showcased his tenacity during counter-protests in Washington D.C. following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. During this period, he fearlessly engaged in debates with thousands of pro-choice advocates, many of whom sought to silence him by any means, including physical intimidation. Smith's steadfastness won him regular interviews with The Epoch Times.

Leveraging social media as a dynamic platform, Smith debates with leftists on contentious issues, intent on persuading Gen Z and undecided voters about their electoral choices. His persuasive dialogue illuminates the possibility of influencing the Gen Z demographic, emphasizing that sound logic and common sense can indeed sway opinions.

Motivated by his desire to effect meaningful change in today's society, Smith, along with his fellow conservative social media influencers, is driving a formidable charge against the unyielding left. The task isn't easy, but for Smith, standing firm in his convictions is a personal ethos he strongly embraces, hoping to inspire like-minded conservatives to do the same. His conviction and courage serve as a potent testament to his strength.